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Welcome to Ugam Creative,

a full-service Brand Design Studio & Digital Marketing Agency.  

We are here to help you in creating, building, developing, promoting, protecting & establishing your Unique, Creative and Innovative Brand identity. We beautify your Brand Image, so you stand out & leave an astonishing Impression!!!

Get Noticed, Be a BRAND!


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nilesh bagve B+

Nilesh B+

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Ulka Sawant B+

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Active... Creative... Positive…!!!

A J. J. School of Arts alumni, hardcore creative artist, passionate calligrapher & typographer. A motivational team leader with a natural source of positive energy, Backbone of UgamCreative and aims to drive the company to great heights. Equipped with a 23 years robust experience in global to local corporate branding.

Pillar of Strength…!

A perfect troubleshooter for the organization, Ulka ensures that there are no anxious situations for the creative and the marketing teams. A thorough professional, Ulka is an excellent communicator that adds value to the organization. She is an able force with strong support from her subordinates.


Shri. Anil Waghadkar

"Creative Solutions with a Personalized Touch"

The strength of UgamCreative is providing creative solutions with a personalized touch. We could realize the thought process put into our campaigns instead of getting stale, repetitive solutions.

The quality of the team could be differentiated with the approach right from inception to execution. The final presentation was an experience to cherish.

All the very best to Team Ugam.

Shri. Anil Waghadkar

Director - MV Waghadkar & Sons Jewelers Pvt. Ltd.

Vice President - MACCIA

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Computer Keyboard


Image by Rami Al-zayat
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