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What is BRAND ???

A Brand is a story.
A story of you and your organization.

A Brand is the foundation of your professional existence.

A Brand is how you are perceived by the target group of the consumer of your products and services.

A Brand is a collage of your organization’s vision, mission, goal, values, culture etc.

A Brand is a name, term, design, symbol, logo or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer. Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising.

Brand is a Bond. Brand is a Promise. Brand is a Reputation. Brand is a Culture. Brand is EVERYTHING you stand for. Many Elements together define a Brand & only a SINGLE powerful element can also make you a Brand! 

Branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company or products from its competitors, aiming to create a lasting impression in the minds of customers. 

The key components that form a brand's toolbox include a brand’s identity, brand communication, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and various brand management strategies.

Sign, Symbol, Logo, Design, Color together make a Visual Form of a Brand! A logo is a Visual Trademark that identifies the Brand! Logo image of any product or organization easily understood/accepted/liked/remembered by the target customer gradually becomes the organisation's Brand Identity!

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TAGLINE Origin of Ideas

MORAL Original & Creative Ideas are always fruitful!

ZONE Consultancy, Design, Creative Branding, Marketing Media, Print, Indoor, Outdoor, Web, Digital, Social, Events, PR, Copy Content & Calligraphy


VISION Implementing creative ideas & innovative Branding tools to empower individuals and organizations.

MISSION Projecting your vision and exploring boundaries in an inspiring way. Creating, Building & Developing a Unique Brand Identity for People, Organizations, their Activities, Services & Products is our Love, Mission, Passion & Profession.

GOAL To transform 2025+ individuals & organizations into unique BRANDS by 15th August 2025.

VALUES Creativity, Efficiency, Integrity, Accountability, Cost-effectiveness, Quick Service & Timely Solutions...

BRAND STATEMENT Stimulate an atmosphere of positivity through innovation, aesthetics and out-of-the-box creativity.

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UgamCreative, the Origin of Ideas.

UgamCreative is the full service ‘Brand Design Studio’, founded and directed by BrandBond Nilesh B+.

We design your brand. We design for your brand. We promote your brand. It's all about the BRAND! Your Brand, Your creation, Your offspring, Your existence!!! We JUST support you in creating, building, developing, promoting, protecting & establishing your unique, creative and innovative brand identity. We beautify your brand Image, so u stand out & leave an Impression...!!!

in short... You Get Noticed & Become a BRAND!

UgamCreative is the solution to your organization’s entire Branding, Advertising & Marketing requirements. Cultivating original ideas is an organic process at UgamCreative and this originality is attributed to our intellectual approach. We acquire an in-depth understanding of the brand, the product or services before approaching the drawing board. In a nutshell, UgamCreative is all about differentiating the facts from the Illusions.

We Nurture our clients with the Top 3 activities. Branding... Advertising... Marketing... So, you just concentrate on the Sales to reap the rewards! We are empowered to drive the show with our dedicated Creative, Admin & Management Team, Associates, Vendors & Suppliers etc

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(Consultancy / Strategies / Brainstorming)

  • Original creative ideas are the KEY moral of our business ethics. 

  • We give immense importance to brainstorming sessions so that we understand our client's needs and think about creative ideas. 

  • We carry brainstorming sessions on a regular interval within the team and with our client to finalize strategies and action plans for Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Promotion, Media Planning, Event, PR etc. 

A thought based creative campaign plays a very significant role in creating, building, developing & establishing the unique brand identity in society.


(Any / All Media) 

  • We believe, Original creative ideas are the foundation of any effective branding campaign. Converting all those ideas & strategies into good creative design is the second step at UgamCreative.

  • It's a worldwide proven and accepted fact that Creative Good Design generates Good Identity... Good Image... Good Impression... and GREAT BRANDING!!! 

  • So, we emphasize on a combination of good copy content, graphics / visuals & thought to produce and promote exclusive creative design.  

These creatives are done/used for almost all the media like Print, Indoor, Outdoor, Web, Digital etc. to maintain corporate uniformity.


(Any / All Media) 

Executing and delivering every idea & design successfully requires the skill, talent and efforts of many people.


We are empowered to drive the show with our dedicated Creative, Admin & Management Team, Associates, Vendors & Suppliers from almost all the fields. We can get it done for you in a professional way. 

  • Digital Marketing / Social Media Management (Handling social accounts like FB, Insta, YouTube & other social platforms, Blog, Website + Paid digital promotions etc.)

  • Branding & Marketing Support (actual on-site execution, vendor meetings etc.)

  • Audio Video Support ( Shoots, bytes, feedback, Films, Documentaries etc)

  • Gift Articles, Printing & Other Execution Support (Vendors reference can be provided If required).

  • Event Execution Support (Exhibitions, Gatherings, Competitions etc.)

  • PR Support (Articles, Interviews, Special Guest References)

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SEVEN ZERO Grand Success Formula🎯

📌 1
Ready to Appoint 1 Consultant / Mentor. Personal Brand + Corporate Brand Design + Brand & Business Strategy/Development Partner. 

📌 10
Ready to Create a Strong Team of Min 10+ Expert Pillars (Key Persons) within the Organisation.

📌 100
Ready to Keep Patience for the first 100 Days for setting up new systems & strategies.

📌 1000
We will have a Road Map (Action Plan) for min 1000 Days Long Term Planning.

📌 10,000
Ready to take min 10,000 Action Steps i.e. 10 strong progressive steps daily towards goal. 

📌 1,00,000
Ready to Invest Minimum 1,00,000 work hours per day. i.e. Network of min 10,000 People (Staff, Sellers, Distributors, Consultants) pan india will invest 10 hours daily for brand & business development.

📌 10,00,000
Ready to Connect Minimum 10,00,000 New People (Prospective Customers) in Next 3 years.

📌 1,00,00,000
Ready to Invest Minimum Rs.1,00,00,000/- as a Business Development Consultancy cost per year.

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