What is Brand? A Brand is a story. A story of you and your organization. A Brand is the foundation of your professional existence. A Brand is a collage of your organisation's culture, vision, mission and values. A Brand is how you are perceived by the target group of the consumer of your products and services.

Sign, Symbol, Logo, Design, Color together make Visual Form of a BRAND! Logo is the Visual Trademark that identifies the Brand! Logo image of any product or organization easily remembered by anyone gradually becomes it’s Brand Identity!


A to Z about being an Extraordinary Brand...

  • NAME - Add value perception and quality to your customer’s trust.

  • LOGO - Representing the voice of your Brand.

  • LINE - Reflects the core image and message of the Brand.

  • COLOR - Evoking reactions of the right audience.

  • IDENTITY - Highlights a strong Brand existence.

  • VALUES - Interaction that strengthens customer loyalty.

  • COPY - Hard hitting content to generate awareness and interest.

  • POSITION - Making the right decisions at the right time.

  • STRATEGY - Planning & Management that defines the Brand promise.

  • ADVERTISING - Highlighting the strengths and characteristics for a wider reach.

  • MARKETING - A continuous process to create customer Loyalty.

  • PROMOTION - A holistic approach that involves Businesses, Consumers and the Society.



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Corporate Brand Identity is maintaining a visual continuity of Symbol-Logo-Color-Tagline together in every promotional print or other media in a creative disciplined manner.

Be Unique… Be Creative… Be Innovative…
Get Noticed… Be a BRAND !!

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