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What is Mobile SEO?

Updated: Mar 30

Mobile SEO refers to how your website looks on a mobile screen. The website does not display properly on mobile devices. 'Mobile optimization' prevents this from happening. As you know the mobile device is a very small device compared to a computer isn't it?

It is very easy to access and cheap. According to a survey, 75% of searches are done from mobile devices, which is why your website must be mobile-friendly. If you fail to do this, your users will get frustrated with you.

Do you know this?

'Amazon' is a popular e-commerce website, on which every year millions of users leave the website midway due to low speed of the website and thus they lose crores. Website speed mobile is an important part of optimization, further, we will know it in detail.

Google has been telling the owner of the website to take care of its user, I will take care of yours. Because Google wants to provide the best user experience to its users at any cost

As I said earlier, more searches are done on mobile devices, now Google says that it should prepare its website for mobile devices. Now it is time to do mobile SEO of your website.

Google crawls the new website first from the smartphone bot, when a user searches for something, then Google shows the same URL which is most suitable for the user. Whether it is a mobile device URL or a desktop.

Why should we do Mobile SEO?

To Add new users OR customers to your business

To Build a good brand

To Leave an impression of your website among the users

To provide a better user experience on mobile devices

To Optimise the website for good ranking

How to do Mobile SEO?

Website built on WIX or WordPress is mobile friendly, is your website accessible on mobile? To check this, you can see Mobile Usability in the section with Google Search Console Experience.

1. Choose a Responsive Theme

Due to the 'Responsive Theme', the website automatically adapts to that design on different devices such as a mobile, tablet, and desktop, it helps that no element of the website is missing. Everything should be displayed correctly whether it is the menu bar or text.

Use a free website testing tool to see how your website looks on different devices

2. Allow Crawling

Your website is blocked from crawling, which is important. If Google has any problem with crawling, then the website may not display correctly on the device, and some parts of the website may be shown as missing. Give Google the right to crawl everything.

3. Pop-Up Ads

People hate disturbing Ads, maybe you will too. How about if you are reading some important information, a big ad comes in front of you, and it frustrates the user?

We are already saying this avoid it. it spoils the user experience as well as irritates your traffic.

4. Website Load Time

Oh! Can’t Open. If it happens to you. Then you can imagine others' pain and patience. Theme with very heavy design increases the load time of your website if someone enters the website it takes time to see all the elements. This increases the bounce rate if the user moves to another site.

Mobile SEO Tips:

  • Remove more colorful and large elements

  • compress image

  • Use images only when needed

  • Minify Javascript and CSS. (w3 total cache)

  • Try to use as few plugins as possible.

5. Fonts & Scrolling

When optimizing a website for mobile, keep your text large enough that the user does not have to use the zoom button. You can use up to 14pt and it's appropriate for users.

We want the user to spend his time on our website and keep scrolling, for this we should make the paragraphs small, it will help a lot in this. Your website traffic will be more time there.

6. Avoid the Sticky Share Button

The mobile device is small it should only show its article and place navigation buttons when needed I have realized that this 'button' eats up the content area and Keeps stinging the eyes till we read the post.

7. Clean & Clear Header

I have seen on many websites that only after entering the website, I see many things and my attention gets distracted, why is this so? it's completely full

The title of the post and the name of the author is enough and everything else is not required. If it is very important then use the footer of the sidebar.

Best Mobile SEO Tools List:

  • Mobile-Friendly Test

  • Google search console

  • Google Analytics

  • PageSpeed Insights

  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Today we have learned in this post that it is very important to optimize the website for mobile, if we do not do this then we will lose the users visiting our website from mobile.

What percentage of your website traffic comes from mobile devices? Did you do mobile optimization of the website?

If you liked this post. Then do not forget to share it on social media, if you have any questions, then leave a comment below.

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